Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading [Easy Solution]

In this article, We will be focusing on how you can quickly fix the Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading issue.

Twitch is one of the popular streaming applications for content creators in the United States and worldwide. Many users Stream regularly on Twitch and earn handsomely by playing their favorite games, and also, many users view their favorite content from Twitch.

Moreover, many mods keep the chat according to the terms of the Twitch application. However, a recent update seems to cause many problems for moderators as they cannot load the mod tab.

Why Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading

Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading

There are many reasons which can cause the tab to bug out or not loading any content. Our experts did some research and found that these could be the causes that are why your mod tab is not loading:

Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues are common and can happen from time to time. Even though you have the best connection doesn’t mean you will not have any Internet issues.

Sometimes one is unaware that the connection is not accessible, and yet they keep reloading the app. Make sure to check if you have an active internet connection and then try again.

Check for the update

If the tab is not loading, it may be because of the update issue. Update your Twitch application to the latest version if you have not updated the application in a while.

Also, check if there is a newer version available for the application; if it is, then make sure to update to the latest version available.

It will clear many bugs and glitches within the app.

Not running with Admin Rights.

Administrator rights help 3rd party apps to allow the features that are not permitted by the system. These activities are considered malicious and can harm your computer.

But if you are running a trusted app, then you can provide administrator rights to applications. It will provide the app flexibility to write and create data in your system.

If you are not log in as admin, then we suggest you log in as administrator and try launching the Twitch application again.

Server issue

There could be server issues that are causing this problem so,  Make sure to check if you have updated to the latest version.

Server issues are common, and developers quickly respond to server issues.

If the app is updating, wait till the update is complete. We are sure that after the update, any server issues should be resolved.

Moving on to:

Solutions For Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading

Sign in to your Twitch account again

This method is the easiest yet working method that is suggested by experts. Signing in again will clear out in-app bugs and client or server issues. So follow the methods to sign out and sign in to your account again.

  • Expand your Twitch application from the background apps, and now click on the ‘File’ button located at the top left corner of the application.
  • Click on the last option, ‘Sign out.’
  • After logging out, close the application and open the application again.
  • Now login again by providing all the credential details.
  • See if the issue is resolved after signing in again.

Disable your Antivirus application.

Anti-Malware can cause a lot of harm to 3rd party applications because they are program to pose any 3rd party application that is installed through an unidentified app as a threat and quickly take action to remove it.

We suggest you Disable your antivirus for some time and see if the issue is resolved. Suppose the problem is resolved shutdown the antivirus completely.

And if you are still having issues, then move on to the next solution.

Toggle the App to Whitelist in the Windows firewall

If you have disabled your antivirus software and the application is still causing the issue, the chances are Windows firewall is blocking the features of the application.

You can easily whitelist the twitch app by going into the windows firewall.

  • From the search bar located at the bottom left corner of the Window, search for ‘control panel.’
  • Now after opening the control panel, select the category to large app icons from the top right corner of the screen
  • Locate the Windows firewall among the list of applications and double-click on it.
  • In the side panel, you will see ‘apps and features through windows firewall’ click on it
  • It will open a new window now select ‘change setting in the window.’
  • Locate the Twitch application and make sure to enable both private and public boxes for the Twitch application.

Delete the app data


The issue could be because of some corrupted app files, causing major shuttering and bugging of the entire ‘mods’ Window in the application.

Also, the cache files that are not used by the program could be the reason behind this error and can be clear out by clearing out the app data from the settings.

Note: It will also clear out any sign-in passwords.

  1. To locate the app data of the Twitch application, press Windows+R simultaneously.
  2. It will open the run prompt. Now type in ‘%Appdata%’ and press enter.
  3. Locate the Twitch folder in the App data folder delete all the files in it.
  4. It will reset your Twitch application.
  5. Check for the problem if it is solved.

Reinstall the Twitch application completely

This method could take your time, but it is worth it because if you want to solve the issue no matter the cost, you should try reinstalling the application entirely.

  1. Open the search bar, side to the windows logo, and type in the control panel.
  2. After opening the control panel, click on ‘Uninstall a program located at the last of the features.
  3. In the Uninstall section, search for the Twitch application and uninstall it.
  4. Now go to the official page of Twitch and download the latest version.
  5. The problem should be solved after doing the reinstallation.

Run the Windows in safe boot:

This method is useful to many users, and if the error persists, you should try to run the Windows in safe mode.

  • Type in ‘MSConfig in the search bar of the windows
  • Now move to the ‘Boot’ bar of the Dialogue
  • Tick the Safe boot option and also a Network option
  • Apply the settings and restart your computer.
  • Now disable the safe mode if the error is resolved.

Let your Software Render the application

Experts suggested that hardware rendering can cause an issue if the device is not powerful enough, and that is why many applications provide software rendering. 

Software rendering not only provides a smoother experience in old hardware devices but can perform without a lag or shuttering in those devices.

To run the application using software rendering:

  1. Open your Twitch application and go to the menu.
  2. Now expand the file option and click on settings.
  3. Scroll down and toggle the software rendering option.
  4. Now check if the problem is solved after re-launching the application.

Run the application with Administrative Rights

As mentioned earlier, the Administrative rights can provide the application to write and read the data in the specific drive, which is not permitted by the system. This is done to ensure the security of the system from hackers or viruses.

However, you can permit access to that trusted application worldwide, and you can trust the application.

Forgiving the Administrative rights, follow the guideline:

  • Right-click on the desired application and now click on ‘run as administrator
  • Now, if you want to default, run as admin to your application. Right-click on the application and go to properties.
  • Now move on to the compatibility tab and tick run as admin option.
  • Close the tab and launch the application again to see if the error is resolved.


We hope one of these solutions helped you solve the Twitch App Mods Tab Not Loading and if we did, make sure to visit our site for more problems.

You can contact us if you are stuck in any technical error. We will surely respond to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I load plugins Twitch?

If you cannot load the Twitch app plugins, then change the destination where the application is installed. It will resolve the error completely.

Why can’t I install the Mods on Twitch?

It is because your application is not configured properly. We suggest reinstalling the application would be the best possible solution to this problem.

Why is Twitch not loading?

One of the main reasons Twitch is not loading is not running the application with administrative rights.

The application needs administrative rights to read and write data in the system. So make sure to run the application with administrative rights.

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