Steam Workshop Not Downloading Mods [Easy Fix]

In this article, We will be giving you information about what causes the Steam workshop not downloading mods and how to fix them with simple and easy methods.

Steam is one of the major game distributor companies that are well known for digital games distribution.

The services that Steam provides are top-notched, and users really happy about everything. From game distribution experience to the user interface, security, and regular updates.

After 20 years of its release date still, it is the most popular online game distributional company and providing the best services that other companies hardly receive. However, some minor errors and problems are still in the Steam application.

These errors are common and vary from user to user. For example, recently, many users reported that ‘Steam Workshop not downloading mods’ issue.

Why Is The Steam Workshop Not Downloading Mods?

Steam Workshop Not Downloading Mods

Steam not only provides you with games but also makes sure to enhance your experience. That’s why Steam introduced a Workshop where you can sort out and see all the mods you have installed in your game.

You can easily download and apply tons of mods from the Workshop and get more than just a regular game.

Steam communities are loaded with many active players that take part in creating and managing mods.

If you cannot download mods from Steam Workshop, there could be many reasons behind this error.

Corrupted mod files

If you cannot download the mods from Steam Workshop, you have some corrupted files in the Workshop that are causing the error and are not letting you download any further mods in the game library.

Corrupted mods files behave like a virus, except it is hard for antivirus to detect its presence because trusted application downloads these files, and Antivirus programs often ignore it.

Steam is not properly installed

Perhaps it is due to a corrupted Steam application; if the application is corrupted, then it will fail to download mods and games.

One missing file could be enough to cause this error. So check for the updates or completely re-install the Steam application in this case.

Your account is restricted to beta mode

Steam Beta mode is a testing model that is widely used by developers all around the world, and some new features are added to test if it is working correctly. Is this update is ready to roll out?

Many users are able to eliminate the error by getting out of the beta mode that is bound to their accounts.

Mods files are only available in big picture mode

We are not sure if it is because of a glitch or a recent update, but to some users, mod files are only available in big picture mode.

Many users are able to solve the issue by just going to big picture mode, and that has solved this error for them

You are downloading too far from the actual region:

If you are downloading at a very far location from the actual location where the mod file is distributed, you can still encounter this error.

You could be able to solve the issue by changing your Steam region, and it will let you download the mod.

Corrupted cache files

Cache files are residual files that were used at some point by the Steam application, but now they belong in the trash can.

If you haven’t cleared your cache files for a while, then it is a chance that some files in those files could be corrupted and causing this glitch where you can’t be able to download mods.

You can get rid of this error just by clearing your cache files.

Methods To fix Steam Workshop Not Downloading Mods

These glitches are common and well known to the Steam community, and with time community has devised several methods to tackle this kind of error easily.

Follow the guidelines carefully to troubleshot the error.

Use Big Picture mode

The easiest solution to this problem would be using Steam in big picture mode and downloading the mods on big picture mod.

If the error is because of an update issue, then you can easily troubleshoot the error by using big picture mode.

Many users have solved the error in this way, and you can easily enter in big picture mode by clicking on the ‘View’ button and then selecting ‘launch the Steam in big picture mode.’

Some glitch has caused the disappearance of the mods section in the game, but it seems to appear normally in big picture mode.

steam big picture mode

Clear Cache from Steam Application

As discussed earlier, cache corrupted files can cause the download queue to glitch out and may result in inhibition of downloading process.

You will forever be stuck in the queue process, and downloading will never start, no matter how much time you wait.

Now to fix this glitch, you have to clear the cache:

  1. Launch the Steam application and log in to your account
  2. Click on Steam in the launcher and open the settings tab
  3. Now click on ‘Downloads,’ and you will find an option ‘Clear download the cache.’
  4. After clearing the cache, Restart your Steam application and now try to download the mods from Workshop again.

clearing steam caches

Opt-out of Beta programs in Steam

Beta is for developers only and can cause many glitches and errors because of early development features, and many users reported that ‘opting out of Beta program’ has successfully worked for them.

To exit the Beta mode or to check if you are in Beta mode, follow the steps:

  • Open the Steam application and click on the top left corner ‘Steam’ button.
  • It will expand the list of options to chose from; now click on ‘Settings.’
  • Click on the ‘Account’ panel and change Beta participation to ‘Opt-out of all the Beta programs.’
  • Now restart the application and try to download mods to see if it is downloading normally.

Delete all the corrupted mods

This trouble can also be caused by corrupted mods, and these mods can interfere with game files or Steam application files.

To delete all the corrupted mods, follow the steps:

  1. Exit your Steam application and open the File Explorer
  2. Now enable the option ‘Show hidden files and folders’
  3. After enabling the option, go to the listed location to find the mods folder:

C:\Program Filesx86\Steam\steamapps\common\GameName\Workshop

  1. Verify the location of all the mods carefully and delete the mods that are not available in the Workshop folder from the Steam application
  2. Now go Steam and verify the game integrity files.
  3. Restart your pc and see if the issue is resolved yet.

deleting all the corrupted mods from steam

Change your region in Steam settings

If none of the methods mentioned above are working for you, then it might be the case that you are too far away from the physical region that is distributing the mod.

In different regions of the world, many apps and games are restricted because they don’t have a server in that region, but with the Steam application, it is not the case.

The cause of this issue is still unknown, and the solution is very simple you just have to change your region in order to solve the issue.

To change the region:

  1. Open the Steam application and go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Downloads.’
  3. You will see a bunch of options with ‘Download region.’
  4. Change it to something else.
  5. Now close the application and restart your system to make the changes take effect
  6. After restarting, launch the application and try to download the mods again.

Re-install Steam application

If none of the provided methods work for you, then the last possible solution would be completely re-installing the Steam application, but we make sure to backup your important data before doing so.

To uninstall the Steam application:

  1. Search for ‘control panel’ in the search bar.
  2. Now click on ‘uninstall a program.
  3. Locate the Steam application and uninstall it completely.
  4. Go to the official page of Steam and download the latest version available on the site.
  5. After downloading and installing the Steam application, log in to your account and try to download the mods from Steam Workshop to see if it is working correctly.

Steam Workshop


We hope that provided solutions helped you in solving the Steam Workshop not downloading mods issue.

If you want further assistance on the problem, feel free to contact us by writing your problem in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download Steam Workshop mods?

You can easily download Steam workshop mods by going to the official Steam workshop website. Now select the mod you want to install into your game. After copy the URL. After pasting the URL to a downloader application. You have successfully downloaded a mod for your game.

Why Can’t I subscribe to Steam Workshop mods?

If you are not able to subscribe to Steam Workshop mods, then make sure to clear the cache files. Also, opt-out of beta mode. This will help you in solving the issue completely.

Are mods illegal?

Mods are not illegal in the way that a developer of the game gave permission to use mods to enhance your gaming experience.

If mods are being used for heating purposes, then they are illegal.

How do I download mods from Steam workshop without Steam?

You can easily download mods from the Steam workshop without Steam by going to the official site of Workshop mods and selecting the mod you want to download. After copying the URL of the mod and paste it into a downloader.

How do I download Steam Workshop after subscribing?

You can easily download Steam Workshop after subscribing by going into the community tab, now click on the Workshop you want to download and click Subscribe.

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