How To Uninstall BetterDiscord Completely [Windows & MAC]

Uninstall BetterDiscord From Windows & Mac

Uninstalling an application is just as easy as pie. Unless your tummy is filled, that is just a quip. Uninstallation is pretty straightforward, and anyone can do it by pressing a bunch of buttons; however, it is not the case with BetterDiscord. It is hard as hell. Now you are pondering why it is so … Read more

Xbox One Can’t Connect To DHCP Server – Fixed [7 Easy Methods]

How To Fix XBOX Can't Connect TO DHCP Server

Xbox One Can’t Connect To DHCP Server? You are not alone. One of the main reasons why people use consoles is their flexibility. You don’t have to install additional software, and you don’t even need to face errors as frequently as a Pc user face. Also, you don’t need any knowledge to get into gaming. … Read more

Loot Not Detecting Skyrim And Skyrim SE [Easy Fix]

loot not detecting skyrim and se fix

Players trying to use modes often experience this problem of loot not detecting Skyrim and Skyrim Se. Skyrim is an open-world RPG game. It was delivered by Bethesda Studio. The game itself was a huge success and is an inspiration to all the rpg games that will come after it. Developers have totally outdone themselves … Read more