What Is Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application [2022]

Many users report that their antivirus is blocking the Digital Tv Tuner device registration application because this software thinks that this application is slowing down Pc and a threat to system integrity.

In this article, you will learn What is Digital Tv Tuner device registration application? Should you remove it? and How to check if this application is causing high CPU usage and slowing down your pc. 

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What Is Digital Tv Tuner Registration Application

Digital Tv Tuner is a media center process that helps you play Tv channels on your Pc. The process is named ehPrivJob.exe and can be found running in the background from the Task Manager.

This program is always searching for Digital Tuners, and during these scans, it can slow down some Pc that doesn’t have enough cores in their CPU, but some have no effect. 

Many users are concerned about this process because some antivirus software shows that this process is causing 60 to 70 percent usage in their system.

Is Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application harmful for your Pc?

Many users reported that this specific process is causing 60 to 70 percent usage because some antivirus software detected this high usage; however it is not true.

If you are running this process in the background, it can’t take that much usage so, the reports are not true, and if you are using it actively, it can use that much CPU usage easily.

Is this software a virus?

Many Antimalware software detects this process as a virus that can harm your Pc, but it is not true.

It is a legitimate process that does not harm your Pc in any way; however, it can slow down your Pc.

Should you Remove ehPrivJob.exe?

It depends on whether you use it or not because if you don’t stream Tv channels on your Pc, you should remove it.

Because it can slow down your Pc performance, however, if you Stream Tv channels, then it is a must-have process for you.

Without this process, you can’t stream your Tv channels on your Pc, so be cautious whether you want to remove them or not.

You can easily check whether this process is causing high usage on your Pc or not before deciding you want to remove it.

Is Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application Slowing Down Pc

Before you shut this process down for eternity, make sure to check if this process is causing the issue.

There are several methods to determine if the process is causing the issue. Still, we know that antivirus is not a reliable source of information as it tells you lies to promote their company.

The other method to find out if the subjective process is the cause of this issue, use task manager.

  1. Open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting ‘Task Manager.’
  2. Now at the first tab, ‘Processes’ Search for ehPrivJob.exe.
  3. Once you find the process click on it and see if the process uses more than 30 percent of your CPU. If it is below 30 percent, it is ok, and you don’t have to remove it, and if it is more than 30, you should disable this process immediately.

How to disable ehPrivJob.exe?

If this process is slowing down your Pc, then you should consider disabling it. But doing this will also terminate the Streaming process on your Pc. After disabling the process, you can’t be able to Stream your favorite channels and if you don’t care about it, here is how to disable this process:

  1. Open the control panel and click on ‘Uninstall a program.
  2. After loading all the files in the uninstall menu, click on the top left corner, written as ‘Turn off Apps and features.’
  3. Now scroll down and uncheck the ‘Windows media player’ and ‘Media features.’
  4. Click ok and close the dialogue.
  5. You have successfully disabled the application.

Using Resource Monitor to disable ehprivjob.exe process:

Alternatively, you can also use a resource monitor to disable the application. For example, if the process is still running in the alternative background way could be useful in disabling the application.

Follow the methods to disable the ehPrivJob.exe:

  1. First, open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and click on ‘Task Manager.’
  2. Now go to the Performance tab and click on ‘Resource Monitor’ located bottom of the taskbar.
  3. Now look for the .exe file and end the task.
  4. Restart your Pc and check CPU usage from the task manager to confirm that the process has been disabled.

Deleting from Registry editor:

If somehow you are still ending up at high CPU usage and none of the methods worked for you, then you can remove the process from the Registry editor.

It will terminate the process completely, and you won’t recover the process without Re-installing your Windows.

So, delete this at your own risk.

Follow the methods to terminate the process:

  1. Search for ‘Registry editor’ from the search bar and open it.
  2. Now go to the following location:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Office\15.0\common\DRM

  1. Click on the DRM folder and delete it completely.
  2. Afterward, restart your Pc to make changes.
  3. Now check for CPU usage from Task Manager.


We hope you can collect some information on the Digital Tv Tuner registration application and ‘What are the services this process provides.’

If you want to enjoy the Tv channels, it is not a good choice to disable them completely. However, if it is causing high CPU usage, then you should consider disabling the process.

The process is not harmful to your system in any way, and it is not a potential threat to your system. And if you want to disable it, it’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I delete the Digital tv tuner registration application?

Yes, you can delete the Digital tv tuner registration application if it is causing high usage of CPU.

But the process is completely safe for your Pc, and it is not any type of virus as indicated by many Antivirus programs.

How can I find my Tv tuner?

  • You can check from the user manual to verify that your Tv has a tuner or not.
  • Check on the front for a symbol that indicates Tv tuner.
  • You can check from the internet by writing your Tv model.

How do I disable Windows Media Center, Update Manager?

You can easily disable Windows Media Center Update by going into the control panel>program>Windows features, looking for media features, and unchecking it.

Now you have disabled Windows Media Center Updates.

Does smart Tv have built-in Antennas?

Smart TVs have only Antennas for Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity. They can’t Stream free-to-air channels. However, you can purchase a high-definition antenna to Stream channels on your Smart Tv.

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